4690 Maple Grove Road

Beamsville, ON L0R 1B1



Fax 905-562-7279


Frontier Transportation Services Inc.    www.frontiertrucks.com

Terms and Conditions

1.    Costs are based on door-to-door service.

2.    Shipments are considered accepted as shippers load.

3.    Carrier is not responsible for loading and/or unloading.

4.    Maximum loading and unloading time is 2 hours

       after which charges may apply.

5.    Require 48-hour notice prior to pick-up.

6.    Pick-up and delivery schedule not guaranteed.

7.    Straps, chains and tarps available upon request or as noted.

8.    All quoted rates are valid for 30 days.

9.    Fuel surcharges may be applicable.

10.  All payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.